Road Travel Excitement - Arab Sex Encounter

I went north from Florida for a funeral. On the way back home I decided to drive the Natchez Trace Parkway all the way. Nice drive, 50 mph, lots of scenery, many animals and birds. Nothing exciting happened until I reached Natchez.

Natchez is a port city on the Mississippi River. Lots of riverboat crewmembers and gamblers at the casinos. Settled into a motel to wait out a storm I hooked up via wi-fi online. In no time I found a guy interested in coming to the motel for fun with me.

When he arrived I suggested we shower together; wanted him squeaky clean since I am a very oral bottom, love kissing, licking, sucking, mouthing, rimming, being fucked lots, over and over.

Naked in the shower with him I knew I had gotten more than lucky. Altair, a boatman, was 6' 2" tall, 185lbs, 8" long, thin cut cock, muscular, hairy, taut butt and half-arab and half-british. I gauged his height by mine – 6' even, his cock length and thickness by mine – 6.5x5" and cut also. We weighed on the scales. I tipped them at 225; yeah a bit fat at 56 years old to Altair's 42

In the shower I washed him with attention to his neck, chest, armpits, belly, back side, crotch, cleaned his cock and balls good watching him grow to full length. He returned the bathing favor with particular attention to my crack and hole. Both of us knew why we were there, what we intended to do, but it turned out better than I had imagined with him when he agreed to come to
the motel, even while we were showering together.

We dried each other and went to the double bed taking towels, hand towels and wash clothes with us. We laid together on our sides, face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly. My next happy surprise was when he took my face in his big, calloused hands. He smiled at me, puckered his
lips and kissed me on the mouth. I kissed him back. He probed his tongue between my lips into my mouth. I have him my tongue. We snarled tongues, kissing. He was going to make love to me as if I was his woman, and I wanted it that way so much.

Still kissing me, he felt my neck, shoulders, chest, back with his hands; my stiffening nipples, over my belly, onto my pubic hairs. He cupped my balls in one hand, fondled them lovingly. I mimicked him with my hands, touching, rubbing, massaging his muscles, feeling his big nuts in their slightly haired sack. Then I took his hard cock in that hand, stroking him, feeling his slimy precum flow onto my fingers, fist, into my palm.

I broke our mouth kiss to kiss, lick his ears, nuzzle his neck, kiss, lick his shoulders, chest, kiss, lick, suck his nipples – one, the other. I worked my way down onto his belly, tongued his navel, licked his pubes. I grasped his cock shaft in my hand and licked his greasy knob, put my lips over it and sucked, licked around it, into his slit slurping at his oozing juice.

Arched up as I was, he felt my upper and lower back, my butt cheeks, crack, tickled my hole with the tip of a finger. I had lubed for him after our shower; so his finger slid into me, another, a third. I was ready for his cock to fuck me, but he had another idea – a good one.

He moved us so I was on my back, he was sitting on my chest, his cock at my mouth. I licked it on the thick underside vein, up one side, down the other; capped the head in my lips again. He slid it over my tongue to the back of my throat. I gurgled, sucked. He moaned. I grasped his hips and pulled him. He got the idea and pushed his cock down my throat. Breathing through my nose, gasping for air, I swallowed rapidly, trilling my throat muscles on his knob. He moaned again, then withdrew slowly, pushed in again as I raised my head gasping to take all of his cock. I felt his balls on my chin, his wiry pubic hairs on my upper lip and nose. He fucked my mouth slowly, reaching back he stroked my cock, fondled my balls.

I felt his cock swell thicker, lengthen in my mouth, tasted, felt more of his slimy precum coating my tongue, the insides of my saliva wet mouth, throat. I knew he was going to cum, flood my mouth, but he surprised me again. Looking down at me he said, "I'm going to fuck you. Make you feel so good. Make you want me like you have never wanted cock before."

He was already fucking my mouth, I thought, better than it had ever been fucked before. I wanted him to keep fucking my mouth, to feed me his hot load of jism.

He eased his cock out of my mouth. I slurped at it as it slid over my tongue, out from between my lips. He lifted my legs. I let my legs open wide for him, raised my hips, ready to take his cock up my ass. Another surprise: He kissed my butt, licked it, slid his tongue up and down the crack of my ass, centered his tongue tip on my hole and started rimming me, adding his saliva to the lube around the outside and up in my rectum.

I was moaning, rolling my head from side to side, my eyes closed, enjoying the feelings so much so I did not feel his shifting, putting on a rubber, lubing it, did not even notice until his knob hit my pucker. He pushed. His slender, long cock slid right up into me. His pubes pressed against my ball sack, his balls rested in the crack of my ass. I gasped at the depth of his penetration, his cock deeper into me than any meat had ever been before.

He pulled back, pushed into me, pulled back, pushed into me, a steady rhythm, increasing his pace gradually as I moaned and humped up and down with him. Holding his cock deep in me he rolled me over onto my knees, butt up, chest down. I reached back to hold his butt cheeks as he fucked me steadily, from time to time pausing in his thrusts to worm his long shaft around and around deep inside my hole.

All the time his hands were roaming on me, on my neck, shoulders, nipples, chest, belly, the front and inside my legs, one on my cock stroking me, the other massaging my nuts gently. I was moaning like the whore that I was for his long, hard cock, begging him to fuck me more, faster, harder, deeper. He was ignoring me, keeping the pace he wanted, riding me to greater and greater pleasure until I started cumming, shooting my bolts of white cum onto the bedspread, my ass gripping and releasing on his pistoning rod.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," he grunted. "Oh, ah, oh, yeah," he
gasped. "Where do you want it?" he asked me.

"Oh, oh, oh, ungh, ungh, ungh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
please," I grunted, begged at each of his deep thrusts
into me. "Aaah, aah, oh, ah," I groaned. "In me please.
Cum in me," I said pleading. "Cum in me, then give me
your cock again in my mouth," I said.

"Oh fuck," he said so loud I was sure anyone in the
rooms on either side of mine could hear him.

"Ungh," I grunted.

Slowing a bit with his fucking, he said, "You love my
cock don't you?" You love me fucking you."

"Yes, oh yes," I managed to say with each of his three
more punches into my throbbing hole. "So, long, deep,
in, me," I stuttered with his next five strokes.

He laughed. "I can put another inch or two on it," he
said. "Want it?" he asked.

"Ungh, ungh, yeah, yeah, oh, yeah, please, yeah," I
mouthed with his next eight strokes.

He pulled up on my belly, drew me back tighter against
him with his other hand on my sweaty shoulder. Sweaty.
Yeah we were sweaty. I was covered with a sheen of
sweat. His perspiration was dripping onto my naked
body. The room reeked of our sweat and man sex –
precum, my cum shot onto the bedspread, the lube, spit,
my butt musk.

He hunched hard into me. A new, deeper penetration
thrilled my hole. He held me tight, pushed. His cock
went the other inch, two or more into me. I felt him
throbbing in me, his cock knob swelling, rod getting
harder, thicker, cum pulsing into the rubber. Damn
those rubbers, the need for them. I so wanted to feel
his cream cum filling me rather than the rubber.

We laid together for only a minute or two. Then he
pulled out, peeled off the rubber. I went down to kiss,
lick, clean his cock in my mouth, nurse out the rest of
his cum and swallow it. I sucked him up hard again. He
fucked me again. We repeated that for a third time.

In the morning I woke up with is cock in my mouth. I
was sucking him for a full load of cum in my mouth this

I expect we will get together again if he wants to, but
I went then on to Texas for a few days and back across
Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle
to return home in Central Florida. I had some more fun
in Slidell, LA, the Gulfport/Biloxi area, and in
Pensacola, FL. Later stories, ok?

In Texas I only relaxed, kicked back for a few days,
but in those few days got hornier and hornier for more
cock, cum in my mouth and ass. I left Texas and stopped
in Slidell, LA, in the early afternoon. I found an
inexpensive but clean motel near a truck stop just off
I-10. I got a room, set up my stuff, got a bucket of
ice, and poured some rum on a glass of ice. I hooked up
the trusty computer and went looking for some fun.

In a m4m chat room I got a quick response for that time
of the day, early, not even dark yet. I had posted a
brief message, "Horny looking for now in Slidell." The
quick responder posted, "Just got into Slidell. Let's
go private."

We agreed on a private room name, "Slidell," and met
therer. "Checked your profile man," he IMed to me,
"like what you said." I answered, "TY. Mean it too and
now also." He asked, "Where r u?" I gave him the name
of the motel. "Great," he responded. "Can't believe it.
Just pulled into the truck stop to shower, rest,
checked the Louisiana chat room on my computer in the
truck." I asked, "The truck stop right by the motel?"
He answered, "Yes." I gave him my room number and
invited him to join me in my second floor room.

Naked, as usual when at the computer looking for fun,
getting stimulated by porn sites, I went to the window
and watched through the slightly opened curtain. A big
guy in overalls got out of a tractor-trailer truck
pulling a flat bed with oil rig fittings on it. He
headed straight for the motel.

When he disappeared under the second floor walkway, I
freshened my drink and wrapped a towel around my waist.
Sure enough there was a solid knock on my door. I
looked through the peephole at the big guy, swarthy,
dark black hair, a stubble of face hair. At first I
thought he was black, later learned he was a Cajun. I
opened the door on the chain. "You just online?" I
asked. "Yeah," he answered in a deep, rumbling voice. I
closed the door, released the chain and let him come
into the room. I walked over, sat on the bed, took a
swallow of my rum.

"You sure look ready," he said, eyeing me in the towel.

"I am ready," I said. "How about we shower? I'll give
you a massage for starters."

"I do want one of those massages you offer," he said,
"but how about you suck me first. I've been driving all
day, stopped at the porn store down the road, horny as
hell, ready to cum now."

Not even waiting for my answer he started undoing his
overalls. A take charge guy. What I like. I watched him
drop the overalls to the floor. His overalls slid past
his work boots. He kicked them aside on the floor.
Going commando he had no underwear.

He peeled off his oil and sweat stained white t-shirt.
With no sleeves the t-shirt revealed curly, dark haired
armpits, muscular biceps and shoulders; then after he
removed it, a hairy thick chest, tight abs and a dark
treasure trail leading down to his curly black pubic
hairs. I looked on down to his fat cock, half hard,
draped over a set of big low hanging balls in a hairy
sack between his muscular thighs.

"Like it?" he asked, seeing my gaze. He covered his
package with a big hand, lifted and dropped his dick
and balls. His cock stood up a bit, thicker, longer.

I took another swallow of my drink. "Oh yeah," I said,
"I do like it, like all I see."

He sat on the chair at the desk where I had set up my
computer. I had left a picture of a guy being dicked in
the ass doggy style on my computer screen. He looked at
the picture and turned the chair around to face me. He
let his legs move apart and hefted his package again;
this time giving his cock a stroke. It stood up
straighter, thicker, longer.

"Unh, un, un," I cleared my throat. "Like a drink?" I
asked, taking another swallow of my drink.

"Sure," he said. "I'd really like to have a nice, cold
beer, but what is that?" he asked.

"Rum," I said, taking another swallow.

"Yeah," he said, "a shot of rum will be fine."

"I have beer too," I said and went to the refrigerator
to take out a cold can. I handed it to him, got another
glass. "Ice?" I asked.

"No," he said, "straight is fine."

I poured the glass half full for him and sat it on the
desk. I filled my glass again and took another swallow.

He cracked open the beer can, took down the rum in one
swallow and followed it with a big drink of the beer.
"Oh yeah," he said. "Nice host." He tipped the beer
toward me then took another swig.

I refilled his glass with rum and sat it on the desk

That close to him I could smell the road sweat, a tinge
of oily aroma. I put a hand on his shoulder to feel his
muscles. He looked at me, raised his arm and made a
muscle. When he lifted his arm his man smell from his
hairy pit wafted to my nose. Perverted? Guess so. I
could not resist. I leaned over. He raised his arm
highis for me. I nuzzled in his armpit, licked, tasting
his salty sweat, my head reeling from his scent.

He let me do that. So I leaned across to the other
side. He turned and lifted his other arm. I buried my
face in that pit to smell, lick, taste more of his
salty sweat, the man odor.

"Man," he said, "you are something. You like that, get
down and suck me. I want your mouth on me now."

I started to kiss, lick, suck his hairy nipple. He
pushed on the back of my head. "Unh uh," he said. "This
ain't gonna be any girly loving. We're gonna do the man
thing. You suck me. I'm gonna fuck you."

I knew he was serious, not to be crossed in his
desires. I went down, resisting my urge to kiss, lick
his chest, belly, tongue his navel. He held his cock up
for me. I licked the pearl of precum glistening in his
slit, felt his slimy juice, tasted it.

"Suck it," he said.

I took his thick helmet between my lips, moved my head
down, sliding his thick-veined shaft over my tongue
into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his knob,
part of his shaft and sucked.

"Yeah, that's it," he growled. "I'm gonna cum."

I wanted to suck him more, didn't want him to cum yet.
I was also near gagging on the mixed tastes in my
mouth, sweat from his pits, pubes, his cockmeat,
precum. I raised up and took a big swallow of my rum,
rinsed it around in my mouth. He took a drink of rum,
chased it with his beer.

Before he had a chance to order me again, I grasped his
shaft, bent over and took his cock back in my mouth.
Gradually I worked down getting more and more of his
length, to the back of my throat. My whole mouth, lips,
tongue, inner cheeks, throat were slimed with his slick
juice, my saliva.

I heard him drinking more rum, beer. I felt his big
hand on one of my butt cheeks. He put his fingers into
the cleft of my ass, massaged my butt, tickled my hole.

"Umnh, yeah, good," he said. "That's getting it. Suck
that cum out of me. I want this ass for a long time
when I get into it," he added, rubbing the end of his
big middle finger on my crenolated anus. My towel was
long since gone, on the floor beside us. I was dripping
precum from the excitement of sucking him, the
stimulation of his finger touching my asshole.

I moved past his leg, knelt between his legs. Still
gripping and stroking his shaft slowly, wet with his
precum, my saliva, I went down as far as I could on his
long, thick cock and sucked for his cum. My forehead
and the top of my head rubbed in his pubes, against his
firm belly. His pubic hairs scruffed on the side of my
hand. His cock knob poked at my throat.

I heard him moan, felt his legs tremble, his cock,
thicken, pulse. I sucked. On an upstroke his cum shot
into my mouth, coating my tongue, inner cheeks. I went
down sucking, up, down, sucking, taking his shots of
hot creamy cum into my mouth, gulping, swallowing to
make room for more without spilling any.

"Ummmmnh, unh, oh yeah," he gruffed. "Good. Yeah, good

I looked up and smiled as best I could with his cock
still in my mouth.

"Get on the bed," he said, "with your butt at the side.
I want to fuck you while I'm still hard."

I raised off his cock, wiped my chin, took a drink of
rum and went to kneel on the bed with my legs apart for
him, butt up, chest down. "Lube, condoms on the
nightstand," I said.

"Yeah, you are the host," he said as he stepped between
my legs. His hairy, muscular legs touched the insides
of my legs. His still hard cock laid on my back just
above the cleft of my ass, his balls rested on my

I heard and felt him pop the cap up on the bottle of
lube. He squirted the cool lube on my crack and worked
it into my cleft, smeared it on and inside my hole. He
wiped the excess on his cock. He picked up a condom
packet from the nightstand.

"Man, you are good," he said. "You got magnums for me.
I hate regular rubbers. They pinch my cock too tight."

He opened the package, rolled the rubber over his
shaft, pulled the end out and let it go, drooping a bit
as a reservoir. He lubed the condom and guided his cock
head to my cleft.

"Open up now," he said.

I reached back and spread my butt cheeks with both
hands. He put his knob against my hole.

"You know what to do, right?" he asked.

"Umnh huh," I answered. I let go of my butt, got my
bottle of poppers off the bed, opened it, pinched one
nostril closed, sniffed, the other side, recapped the
bottle and laid it where both of us could reach it.

"You musta been a Boy Scout," he said as he pushed his
lubed, condom-covered cock knob at my hole.

I felt that, the warmth of the poppers in my face,
chest, belly, to my butt, the dizziness. I grunted to
open for him. He pushed. I grunted again.

"Ungh, ungh, oh, oh, ungh," I yelped as his big cock
breached my sphincter.

I grabbed the poppers and took two more hits.

"Yeaaaah," he said, sliding his meat up into me.

He took hold of my shoulders and twisted his cock
around inside me, forcing me to open for him. He pushed
in deeper. I felt his pubic hairs touch the cleft of my
ass, slick with the lube, his balls touching my balls.
He twisted around inside me some more. He humped tight
against me a couple of times then withdrew slowly. My
anus flared around his knob. He pushed back into me.
Pulled back, pushed in, back, in, back, in, fucking me
slowly, long dicking me.

It felt so good. I rocked with him. He kept on fucking.
Slowly he moved faster and faster. My cock and balls
swayed back and forth, my cock slinging precum on the
bedspread. He held my hips for a while and fucked me
even faster. Then he leaned over me, his hairy chest on
my back. He hunched back and forth in me. I started
cumming. As bolts of cum shot from my cock, my ass
clasped and released on his fucking cock. He started
cumming in my ass, but he kept on fucking.

He fucked me for a few more minutes. Then he pushed
down on my back with one of his hands. I laid flat on
the bed. He went down with me keeping his cock tight
and deep up my gushy hole. We laid there together,
letting our breathing slow, our heart beats return to
near normal. I had been gasping, groaning, telling him
how good he was the whole time he was fucking me.

Finally his cock softened a bit. He pinched the end of
the rubber around the base of his shaft and eased out
of me with a juicy plop.

"Aaah man, that was good," he said, rolling off me.

"Yeah, sure was," I agreed. "Let's go shower now."

"Sure," he said. "I'll shower, then you. You can give
me that massage and we'll fuck some more."

We did just what he said. I sucked him as I completed
the massage for him. He fucked me. We showered again
and laid together on the bed. During the night he
fucked me three more times, and I cleaned, sucked him
hard again each time. He stayed all night, not
something I had planned.

He had to leave that morning. I thanked him for the
great fucking, bid him goodbye and went back to bed for
some much needed sleep. I had decided to stay another
night in the motel and see what else might develop in
the area or on to the Gulfport/Biloxi area, even on to
Pensacola and home to Central Florida.


After some much needed rest, solid sleep I woke up with
a hard on again and a desire for more cock and cum. I
got online again posting the usual.

The best offers I got were from a couple of guys about
10 more miles down the road, at an exit off I-10 that
the guy with whom I was talking named for me. Then, at
first to my disappointment, he told me he could meet me
only alone with him – no 3-way, and he lived way out in
the country.

Before I got offline I got another offer from a single
guy in Gulfport. He was a retired military guy like me,
divorced and eager to be with a man; me he said after
reading my profile. We actually exchanged phone numbers
– cell phones – in case I got tied up along the way. I
did not get tied up literally but might as well have
given the fucking I got with the first guy I had
arranged to meet – the guy who lived way out in the

I went to bed resting some more then had breakfast
about midmorning. I headed east on I-10 watching for
the exit that I was given for the meeting. I found it,
exited the highway and went to the service station
where he said we should meet.

Sure enough he was there at the appointed time. I left
my vehicle, went with him in his pickup truck, of
course, way out in the country. He drove us on the
paved road, another one, to a dirt road, and I was
thinking all along about him doing my dirt road,
fucking my ass.

He drove us through a cattle gate, past cotton, corn
and soybean fields to a plantation home – typical
Mississippi place – big porch, colonnaded. He stopped
the truck. We went into the house together and
undressed in an upstairs bathroom, showered together.
We messed around some in the shower, then toweled dry.
He led me into a nearby bedroom, both of us naked.

No wonder he was living with a guy, into guys only. His
cock was way too big for any woman I had ever met other
than some whores. He got hard when we were in the
shower. His big meat came up hard, curved up and to the
right, uncut, 9" long at least and 6" around. His nut
sack hung low containing big balls, racquet ball size.
He was well tanned all over, dark-haired, long
eyelashes, sensuous lips, muscular from the farm work.

He took control right away, presented himself to me as
he laid on his back on the bed. I got over him, kissed,
licked, sucked his nips; licked his hairy chest, down
his treasure trail to his navel; tongued it, bypassed
his big, leaking cock, went to his gonads, kissed,
licked, mouthed them, tongued his perineum, rimmed his
asshole. He was feeling all over me, grasped my butt,
spread my cheeks, fingered me. He got some lube from
the nightstand, worked it into me with one, two, three
of his fingers.

"Get on your knees," he said.

I did. He mounted over my back, reaching around to feel
my nipples, he slid his big cock knob up and down in my
crack, centered it on my lubed hole and pushed into me.
Without hesitation, not giving me any time to adjust –
glad I had been fucked so recently, so much by the big
Cajun – I rocked back to take his cock as he crammed
all of his long, thick, condom-covered rod up my ass,
pulled back right away and started sawing back and
forth in me.

"Fuck, oh fuck," I groaned as he rammed my ass, played
with my nipples, belly, took my cock in his fist and
stroked it.

He sure knew how to fuck, and I was loving it, wishing
his partner was with us. Just then we heard tires
crunching on gravel in the driveway, a vehicle door
slamming shut, the front door of the house opening and
closing, big feet clumping across the wooden living
room floor to the bathroom, piss flowing, the toilet
flushing, then bare feet coming toward the bedroom
where I was being fucked so good.

I wanted to get up, get the cock out of my ass, get on
my feet and see who was coming into the room with us.
My fuck partner held me tight beneath him and kept
riding his cock back and forth in my asshole. All I
could do was look up and see a big man – 6' +, well
over 200 pounds, dark haired, well tanned, muscular,
striding toward the bed, his pendulous, long, thick
cock swaying and bobbing as he walked toward us.

"You got us a fuck?" the big man asked.

Not missing a stroke in my asshole the man fucking me
answered, "Hell yeah. I got us a real man. Look at him
take my dick." He punched in me especially hard and
deep. "Come fuck his mouth. He said he wanted a three-
way. Let's give it to him."

"Ooooh," I groaned. The hairy giant slapped his big
meat against one of my face cheeks. He painted both my
face cheeks, chin, under my nose, across my lips with
his smegma – precum and sweat from the knob since he
had pulled back the foreskin on his uncut cock.

"Open your pussy mouth, take my cock," the big man

I opened up for him. He slid his cock past my lips,
over my tongue. I clamped on it with my mouth peeling
back his foreskin so I could feel his slick knob in my
mouth. He kept pushing it until his helmet hit my
throat. I sucked, twirled my tongue around. He eased
back, pushed in. I took more of his cock. Then the two
of them set the rhythm fucking my mouth and ass.

They were a well experienced pair, long lasters, deep
fuckers. They humped into my ass and mouth pussy
fucking me as if I was on a spit between them. After a
while the guy fucking my ass asked his partner, "Want
some of this ass?"

"Yeah," his buddy said. "Let me have it."

They swapped ends.

"Oh, oh, oh, damn," I groaned as the big cock went
right up my asshole.

I was about to protest more when the cock from my ass,
rubber off, went into my mouth. They set to fucking me
again in my mouth and asshole. They plunged away in me
until a hot load of creamy cum flooded my mouth. I
gulped swallowing it. The big fucker plowing my ass,
jerked his cock out of me and came around to my face.
He stuck his cock in my wet, cum-slimed mouth and
started fucking my face holding my head in his big,
work-roughened hands.

After resting for a few minutes they helped me off the
bed and into the bathroom, the shower. We washed each
other. They bent me over and fucked my mouth and ass
again, swapping. The big guy came in his rubber up my
ass; his buddy shot his load in my mouth.

After we toweled, I got dressed and the big guy drove
me back to my car. He gave me a card with their
address, phone number, a map to their place on the
other side. Then he gave me his business card. "I run a
farm store just down the road from here in town. Next
time you come by stop in the store. I'd like to have
you alone. I've also got some young guys working in the
store who will sure enjoy you and show you a good time.
You know how that young cock stays hard and shoots lots
of cum right??

"Yes," I answered. I took the cards and walked
gingerly, a bit bowlegged to my car. I was thinking
should I stop for the next set up, just a bit further
down the road. Hell yes, I decided. I want more, today,

A few miles down the road I came to the exit where the
retired military guy wanted to meet. He wanted to have
a meal at a restaurant featuring girls in tight shorts
and revealing tops. When I got there I went into the
restaurant. Those women – firm, big tits, nice asses,
lovely legs. Despite all the cock I'd had I felt my
dick chubbing up.

A few minutes before the appointed time for our meeting
I went to my car. We had arranged to meet by vehicle
type and color. I sat in my car and watched. I couldn't
believe how many silver trucks there were in the
parking lot. I checked out each silver truck hoping to
see the guy I was to meet.

I was about to give up and head on east when another
silver truck pulled into the lot. The truck driver
circled the lot. Then parked as close to my car as he
could. When he got out a tingle ran through my body. I
hoped it was the man who wanted to meet me, but at the
same time I wondered if he would be interested after
seeing me. He was tall, slender, salt and pepper hair,
wearing glasses like me, dressed in shorts and a t-
shirt showing off nice muscular legs, chest and arms.

He came right over to my open window, my air
conditioner running so I would not be so sweaty, smell
to turn him off by that right away. "Hi," he said
cheerfully. "Are you the guy who scheduled to meet me
here today?"

"I suppose so," I answered. "Want to go inside for a
bite to eat?"

"Sure," he said, "that's the idea. I'm recently
retired, have never done this before."

"Never been with a man?" I asked as I got out of my car
and we went toward the restaurant door.

"Never like this," he answered, "but as we talked
online, I am recently retired from the military. I had
some experiences in the barracks, around the base, you
know in book stores and such. Also when I was younger,
an older guy and me," he said. "Some of my friends my

"Yeah, me too, pretty much the same," I said. "And you
are divorced too?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, "it just kind of fell apart after I got
out of the military."

"Yeah, same here," I said, opening the door for him.

One of the big-titted, shorts clad women greeted us and
took us to a table. We both admired his nice body. He
looked at my crotch, me at his. Both of us were showing
hardening cocks in our shorts. Bi, I thought. I can
probably show him a good time if he is willing.

I waited for him to order his drink. He ordered a
straight gin. I did likewise. We might as well get a
little fucked up I was thinking, better to be relaxed
if we go for the fucking.

We ordered our food, ate and chatted more, watching
college football games. Our conversation was man talk,
favorite teams, best bets for the NCAA championship,
and more subtly about our sex experiences. By the time
we were done he knew I was a horny very oral bottom. I
knew he had little experience but since being divorced
was horny and believed being with a man was the best
way to go at his age, less complications, bullshit,
just fun sex.

Finished with our meal – oysters and several beers – we
paid our bill. "I'm a little fucked up," he said,
"guess you are too. Let's walk to my place. I live just
across the street and down a bit in the apartments if
that is okay with you, or I am night security guard at
the motel next door. Where do you want to go?"

"Yer choice," I slurred.

"My place then," he said.

We walked to his place, a nice building, neat upstairs
apartment. He showed me to a sofa in the living room.
"Want another drink?" he asked. "If you are having
one," I answered. "K," he said. He started a DVD or
video – guys, of course, getting it on, and he left me
on the sofa. While he was gone, I pulled off my shorts,
took my cock in hand and started stroking it slowly.
When he returned with our drinks he was completely
naked, his cock sticking out half hard, a nice one,
cut, a bit longer than the 6" average, thick, curly
black pubes, lowhanging balls.

"Fuck," I said, "nice." I reached for him, took his
cock in my hand stroked it. I leaned forward and licked
off the pearl of precum that formed in his slit, capped
his mushroom head with my lips and sucked out more
precum. "Unnnnh, unnnh," he moaned. I went down on his
cock sliding it past my lips, over my tongue, sucked.

"Oh shit," he said, "stop or I'll cum."

I grinned up at him with his cock in my mouth. "Just
what I want," I said, "your creamy load of hot juicy

"Umnh huh, yeah," he moaned. I felt his cock throb in
my mouth as I cupped his balls, massaged them gently. I
let his cock loose from my mouth, sat back on the sofa.

He handed me my drink. I took a swallow, switched it
around in my mouth washing clear his precum. He sat
down beside me, took a gulp of his drink and put his
arm around my shoulder. I relaxed into his hairy
armpit, turned my face into it, licked, kissed, licked.
He took my cock in his hand stroking it, cupped and
fondled my balls. I went to his other armpit, kissed,
licked, went across his chest to his nipples, kissed,
licked, sucked one, the other. He jacked me slowly,
felt down past my balls to my butt crack, touched my
hole, eased a finger past my sphincter. I was wet, open
from being fucked by the guys just a couple of hours

I grasped his hard cock and stroked it, still kissing,
licking, sucking on his body. I bent down and kissed
the head of his cock, tasted his meat and precum, took
his crown between my lips and sucked it.

I was about to cum, and he was too. I sat up, reached
for my drink, took a swallow and rinsed my mouth. He
let go of me and got his drink, taking a swallow also.
We leaned back, breathing steadily, watching the film
of an athletic guy taking a big cock up his ass from
another muscular guy. We turned our heads, smiled at
each other, took more swallows of our drinks.

"You want to be my wife?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"Suck me," he said.

I looked up at him, lust glowing in my eyes. He took my
face in his hands, brought his mouth to mine and kissed
me on the lips. He ran his tongue over my lips. I
opened, let his tongue go into my mouth. We swabbed
tongues. I grasped his slimy cock and stroked it. He
felt my nipples, belly, fingered my navel as we kissed.

He broke our kiss, nuzzled my neck, kissed, licked it,
my shoulders, down to my nipples, kissing, licking,
sucking one the other, working my nubby wet eraser
points with his tongue and mouth. He raised up. "I'm
gonna' kiss your pussy, suck your clit," he said.

We wriggled, got positioned, him between my open legs,
his face close between my thighs, my butt hanging off
the edge of the sofa. He kissed, licked my inner
thighs, mouthed my balls, moved his face down as I
arched up to receive his tongue. He licked up and down
my crack, centered on my puckered ass, kissed, licked,
tongued it. I was holding on for dear life, trying not
to cum as he ate my pussy, slid his fist up and down
what I knew he considered my clit. He came up to kiss
the end of my clit – cock. He closed his lips over it
and sucked. My precum flowed into his mouth. His finger
entered my manpussy. He sucked on my clit and fingered
my hole, one finger, two, three.

I sucked on his nipples, stroked his cock, felt his
balls. "Oh fuck me," I said. He maneuvered around,
lifted my legs, pulling me further out from the sofa.
Standing between my legs his cock up hard, he felt my
buttcheeks. I spread them for him. "Put it in me,
please," I begged. I grabbed his cock and put it
against my hole. I sucked on his nipples, one the
other, as he pushed into me. He entered me easily since
I had been fucked only a while ago by two cocks. Buried
in me to his pubic hairs, his balls in the lower crack
of my ass, he eased back, pushed in, pulled back,
pushed in again. He leaned over kissing me on the
mouth, holding my cheeks in his hands, long dick
fucking me.

Oh shit I realized he was not wearing a rubber. I
wanted to push him away, get his cock out of my ass,
make him put on a condom, but his bare cock felt so
good in me. I just moaned, relaxed and let him fuck my
ass. I'll make him pull out before he cums, I thought.
It was feeling so good though, his precum slicking me
inside, my ass channel moisture being churned into such
soft cream all the way up in me, slithering out of my
anus, down the crack of my ass, onto the edge of the

We were kissing, moaning together, our hands roaming,
him fucking me. I grasped his butt cheeks, let fingers
slide in his crack, touched his hole with a finger,
tickled his anus. I started cumming, shooting my cream
between us, onto my belly, up to my chest, shorter
squirts down onto my pubes. My ass channel clutching
and releasing on his pistoning cock caused him to push
deep up into me. His cock pulsed, throbbed, got longer,
thicker in me. He was about to shoot.

With a heave, deep grunt, wanting his cum to go up my
ass but knowing better, I pushed on the front of his
hips forcing his cock out of me. "No?" I yelled.

When his cock vacated my hole, I rolled him onto his
back on the floor. I went down and took him in my
mouth. Tasting me and him on his cock I sucked,
cleaning the musk. I moved my head up and down,
sucking. His cock pulsed, throbbed, got longer,
thicker, stiffened in my mouth and the first shot of
his jism hit my throat, another, another. I swallowed
and sucked, swallowed and sucked. He trembled shooting
more cum in my mouth, fucking my face.

I collapsed my head between his legs, held his slimy
cock in my mouth. He riffled his fingers in my rather
short hair, held my head to his crotch.

"Ummmmnnh, no, no, ummnh," he moaned. "No more."

I held his cock in my mouth and fondled his balls.

"Oh man, that was good," he exuded. "My wife never
sucked me like that, never let me fuck his ass. Can we
do it again?"

I looked up at him and shook my head up and down.
Smiling at him I mumbled with his cock in my mouth,

We uncoupled. He asked me if I wanted to shower with
him. "No," I answered reaching for my drink, taking a
swallow and rinsing out my mouth. "Let's just be
together some more, you fuck me more."

"Okay," he agreed, sitting up on the couch beside me
and taking a swallow of his drink too. "Will you fuck
me?" he asked.

I cuddled up with him and said, "Yes, sure, if you

After spending time with the retired military guy in
Biloxi, our exchanging contact information for future
visits I made it to Pensacola in the late afternoon. I
had a well established routine by then. I checked into
a nice motel with a dining room, piano bar dance lounge
and rooms overlooking a wide waterway. I hooked up my
computer and went to the Pensacola M4M room. I made
arrangements for a local guy to meet me at the motel
later that afternoon after he got off from work. He
said he would come by on the way home.

A married guy, he was close to my age and ready to get
it on so he could make it home without arousing his
wife's suspicions. I was ready also. I'd had a few
drinks, downloaded some porn videos and chatted in the
Pensacola and some other rooms in cities on my further
route home.

When my guest arrived he made it clear as we had drinks
together in my room that he wanted some mutual sucking
and to fuck me in the ass. We got naked together and on
one of the beds in the room. We held each other close,
fondled some, nuzzled necks. His long, thick, curved,
cut cock got stone stiff arching up toward his belly. I
wanted it in my mouth.

I moved down to his chest, kissing, licking and sucking
his nipples, further down to his navel, tongued it,
kissed and licked in his bushy pubic hairs. All the
while I was stroking his cock slowly and feeling his
balls, still playing with his wet, erected nipples with
my other hand. I bypassed his cock with my mouth and
went to his nuts. I kissed, licked, laved each of them
gently in my mouth, then kissed and licked his
perineum. I started on his precum-slimed cock with
kisses and licks at the base, kissed and kicked up the
bottom, over the top, the sides.

He was beginning to wriggle, hump his hips up and down,
and moan, holding my head softly in his hands. Holding
his cock and balls in my hands I licked around and
around the separation of his mushroom crown and his
veiny shaft. I tasted his precum with the tip of my
tongue. I took his helmet between my lips, flicked my
tongue around his thick head slurping off more drooling
precum. Then I engulfed his cock head and moved my
mouth slowly down taking his cock inch by inch.

When I started moving up and down on his cock, fucking
my mouth, sucking him, he turned around into a 69
position and rolled us onto our sides without breaking
our contact. He repeated most of my actions on my lower
belly, balls, taint and cock. We held one another's
butt cheeks and rocked together sucking steadily.

I sucked his cum into my mouth and gulped it down still
moving my head back and forth until he finished
unloading his creamy cum. Sensitive as we usually are
after cumming, I just held his cock outside my mouth,
moving my fist only on the lower root. I milked out the
clear drool of the last of his cum and dabbed it out of
his piss slit with my tongue. He quivered each time I
did that. I half rolled aside and let him keep sucking
me. I was holding back on him, pinching the base of my
cock to keep from cumming, waiting for him to recover
some before I shot my load.

By the time I had given my juice to him in five shots,
then the usual dribbles of stringy clear fluid, he was
hard again. I took his cock back in my mouth and nursed
him to full hardness before turning away from him. I
positioned my legs giving him access to my ass that I
so wanted him to fuck.

He got off the bed to get the lube and condoms from the
nightstand. After lubing my hole, his cock, rolling on
a rubber and lubing it, he put his knob between my
cheeks. I backed toward him a bit, reached back and
opened my crack. Holding his shaft he worked his knob
up and down in my crack, centered on my anal lens and
pushed. I grunted. He pushed again ovaling my hole
slowly as his big head breached my sphincter. I grunted
again, pushed back toward him just as he pushed forward
using his hips to shove his cock right up inside me.

I felt his curly pubic hairs in my crack, his balls
resting against mine and on my leg.

"Okay?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," I answered, "feels good. Fuck me."

He reached over my hip grasped my cock and pulled back
slowly. His cock head stretched my sphincter, pulled it
outwards. He pushed back into me. Back, in, back, in;
he fucked me slowly, steadily, stroking my cock,
holding my shoulder. I moved with him. Both of us were
moaning our pleasure, praising each other for the good

He let go of my cock and patted me on my hip. "Roll
over and kneel," he said.

I followed his instructions. He rolled with me holding
his thick cock deep inside me. Once we were positioned,
me with my head down, hips up, legs wide enough for his
body, him on top of me, he rubbed my neck, shoulders,
took hold of one of my shoulders, reached around,
cupped my balls, then grasped my cock. He eased his
cock along my channel, again pulling out on my
sphincter with his knob. He reversed direction pushing
all the way to his balls into me again. I rocked back
into him. Back and forth we fucked, moaning, cooing our
happiness again as he stroked my cock and fucked my

"Unh, unh, unh," he grunted after about 15 minutes of
fucking me steadily, slowly, as I moved with him and
flexed my ass canal on his pistoning cock. "Unh, ready
to cum," he said punching deep into me.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said in time to our movements.
"Give it to me. Cum in my ass. Fuck me good."

He picked up the speed of his movements, brought his
hand from my shoulder to my belly. Still stroking my
cock but faster now he rode his cock back and forth
into me. I felt his cock stiffen, swell, throb, pulse
and jerk.

"Ungh," he grunted.

The condom ballooned inside me as he pumped it full of
his cum load. He kept on fucking me emptying his nut
cream into me until he could stand it no longer. I was
cumming at the same time shooting my jism onto a towel
we had put underneath me. We laid forward on the bed
together, his cock still hard in me, his weight on my
back. He nuzzled and kissed my neck.

"Oh that was good," he said. "Your hole is tight. Felt
so good when you started cumming, your insides clamping
and releasing on me."

"Yeah," I said. "Thanks. You fuck good."

He grasped the end of the rubber at his cock root and
eased out of my hole, leaving it gaped. He rolled onto
his back, peeled off the condom and dropped it into a
trash can by the bed. I rolled and bent over, took his
cock at the base in my hand. I licked the head, swirled
my tongue around it, cleaned his cock in my mouth with
my lips and tongue. He shivered and jerked, the end of
his cock sensitive as we are after cumming each time I
touched his slimy cock. He let me clean it completely
though until it glistened only of my saliva.

I laid back relishing the taste of his cum and flesh.
He went to the sink and washed his crotch. He dressed
and told me he had to go. We exchanged information so
we might meet again in Pensacola or my hometown in
Central Florida.

I slept for a while. I woke up after a couple of hours,
my body coated with a sheen of dried sweat, mine and
his, cum caked in my crotch, a cummy taste in my mouth,
but my butt hole closed after being fucked so good. I
showered and went downstairs for dinner.

After Dinner Delight. At dinner there were only two
couples – an older couple and a much younger couple, in
their late 20s, maybe early 30s. The piano lounge
across the walkway from the dining area was full of old
couples dancing and drinking together. I saw no
possibilities there. I watched the young couple. She
was delightful – black hair done in two pigtails, firm
shoulders, arms, wearing a cowgirl shirt. A cowgirl hat
was on the table. Her partner looked like a real
country boy, t-shirt, blue jeans, boots, wearing a
baseball cap even as they ate. Talking, she laughed.
Her smile, then laughter were wonderful, exciting.

After a while she noticed me watching her. She winked
at me. I winked and waved a hand responding to her
friendliness. She moved her head close to her
tablemate, whispered in his ear. He looked at me. I
waved at him also and smiled.

When they finished dinner she stood, showing off a
short cowgirl denim dress, boots and fine looking
muscular legs. They went across the walkway to the
piano lounge, got a drink each and sat at a table. I
finished my dinner and headed out of the dining area.
As I walked by the piano lounge the cowgirl waved to me
again. What could I do? I decided to have an after
dinner drink. While I was getting my drink at the bar
the cowgirl's companion came to my side. We exchanged
hellos, then he surprised me by asking, "Want to join
us at our table?"

"Sure," I answered, eager to spend more time looking at
the eye candy cowgirl.

After I joined them we chatted, sipped our drinks and
they excused themselves to dance to a fast number. As
they were returning to the table the piano player
started a slow song. The cowgirl took my hand in hers
and asked me to dance with her. We danced close
together. Wow! As she pressed into me I felt a stiff
cock against my leg, and it was not mine, although mine
chubbed up then too.

He put his lips close to my ear and asked, "You staying
here or live nearby? Want to spend some time with me?"
I want to with you."

No way I could refuse his invitation with his erection
rubbing against me, but I asked, "What about your

"Oh he's alright with it," he said.

"Okay, I have a room here," I said.

"I'll tell him when we get back to the table then we
can go to your room, okay?" he asked.

"Sure," I said holding him closer, letting him feel my
erection as I was feeling his.

I didn't know what the deal was, pay for play, a couple
out to rob me. Whatever I was willing to go along to
find out and spend some time with this good looking,
young cowgirlman.

The song ended. We walked hand in hand back to the
table. He leaned over and told his companion, "We're
going to his room. Come back in a couple of hours, or
I'll call you when I'm ready for you to pick me up."

He smiled at me, nodded to his date – the cowgirlboy,
stood and kissed him a little peck on the cheek. The
cowgirlboy picked up his drink. I got mine, and we went
to my room. I was alert for other footsteps, checked
over my shoulder a couple of times. All was well so

Once we were in the room, the door closed, he tossed
his hat onto a chair, turned, hugged me close and
kissed me on the mouth. I returned his kiss. We felt
each other, our butts, crotches; my hand up his short
dress, feeling his hard cock through silk panties. He
cupped my package, caressed and stroked my erection
through my trousers. We moved toward the bed. I sat
down to remove my shoes, then pants and underwear,
shirt, while he took off his shirt, revealing a full
black, lacy bra. He unzipped and removed his skirt.

I reached out to his crotch. He stepped between my open
legs, reached down, grasped and started moving his hand
up and down on my precum leaking cock. I leaned forward
and kissed, licked his taut, muscled belly, cupped his
balls in one hand, felt his firm buttocks with my other
hand. He stepped back, sat on the other bed and removed
his boots and socks. Then he stood and shimmied out of
his panties. As his silk undies moved past his crotch,
a short, about 5" , thick, hard cock arched up toward
his belly, his pubes black, curly, big balls hanging
below in a fuzzy sack.

He knelt between my legs, rested his upper arms on my
thighs, cupped my balls in one hand, took my long cock
in his other hand. He leaned forward and licked off the
drooling precum, kissed the tip of my cock, swirled his
tongue around the head, covered my mushroom crown with
his glossy lips and licked my thick under vein. I
caressed his shoulders, neck and relaxed to enjoy the
sucking he was giving me while looking up at me with
his black, doe eyes. His pigtails swayed back and forth
as he moved his mouth up and down on my tingling cock.

Slowly he took me deeper and deeper into his mouth.
When my knob started touching his throat opening he
breathed through his nose, gulped and took my cock head
in his gullet. He pushed down, held still, lifted his
head sucking, his tongue sliding on the bottom of my
cock, his cheeks caressing the sides of my meat, lips
clamped comfortably. Up and down he went, into his
throat, back up, into his throat, back up.

"Ungh," I grunted. "Gonna cum," I said.

He slurped up my cock and let it out of his mouth. He
pushed it up against my stomach. He kissed, licked
beside my cock and balls in the soft skin on the inside
of my legs. He kissed, licked, then mouthed my balls,
one, the other, both at the same time. He washed them
around in his mouth with his tongue. That helped
relieve some of my urgency to cum.

He dropped my nuts from his mouth. Still looking up at
me he said, "I'm going to start sucking you again. When
I nod my head, signal with my hands, take me by the
pigtails and fuck my mouth." He smiled. I nodded yes.

He pulled my precum and saliva slimed cock to his lips,
opened his mouth and went back down on me as before all
the way into his throat. This time pulling back he
worked his lower jaw side to side, rolling his head,
sliding his tongue and gums on the bottom of my shaft,
his inner cheeks on the sides of my cock, his palate on
the top of my straining hard meat.

"Damn," I huffed. "Ungh," I groaned. "You're teaching
me something now," I breathed, my stomach heaving in
and out, legs trembling as he worked like that. I'd
never been sucked that way, never felt so good being

He cupped, fondled my balls, put his other hand on my
lower belly, kept working his magic on my cock, sucking
it so tight, stimulating it from the head all over to
the base, his nose and chin in my pubes. I started
throbbing, flowing precum like a faucet. He nodded his
head and flexed his fingers. He moved his hand from my
stomach to my nipples, one, then the other. I took hold
of his pigtails, humped up into his mouth, sat back
down, humped up, pulled on his pigtails, fucked my cock
into his mouth. He moved his head faster and faster,
his lower jaw quicker, sucked harder.

"Cummin'," I hissed.

He nodded his head still sucking me like I had never
been sucked before. He held my nuts firmly, rolling
them in the palm of his hand, pinched my nipples

I flooded his mouth with my jism, shot after shot,
strong squirts, wads of cum gushing down his throat,
onto his tongue, filling his sucking mouth. He
swallowed, drinking my cum. Then he pushed down hard,
holding me deep as the last of my cum, the clear liquid
drooled into his mouth.

With a tight slurp up my shaft he let my cock head pop
from between his thick lips. He looked into my eyes,
opened his mouth, showed me the mix of cum and his
saliva, closed his mouth and swallowed. He opened his
mouth again, stuck out his tongue and wriggled it at
me, showing me all my cum was gone, swallowed.

I collapsed back on the bed. He stood up and laid on
top of me, kissed me on the mouth, sliding his tongue
into my mouth, giving me a taste of my cum, the
sweetness of his mouth. Our tongues twirled together. I
held the back of his head, his neck, shoulders, moved
my hands down his back to his firm butt, felt his
stiff, wet cock rubbing on my thighs, between my legs,
on my ball pouch.

He lifted his mouth from mine, smiled at me. "I want
you to suck me now," he said. "Suck me, then I want to
fuck you."

I was all for all of that. I pulled him up onto me. He
came willingly, sat his smooth muscular butt on my
chest, his balls on my neck, short, thick cock arched
up drooling precum. I kept one hand on his butt cheek,
took his cock in my other hand, raised my head and
licked the precum from his cock slit, off his thick
mushroom head. He adjusted his position, giving me more
of his cock into my mouth. I started sucking, rubbing
his butt, fondling his nuts. I mimicked his mouth
movements, did what he had done to my cock, worked my
lower jaw, rolled my head, my mouth clamped hard on his
shaft, his knob just touching my throat entrance, my
inner cheeks collapsed along the sides of his cock as I
sucked, his straining cock rubbing on my palate.

His sweet, slimy precum flowed into my mouth, over my
tongue, the insides of my cheeks, on my palate, down my
throat. His precum and my saliva mixed into a froth
burbling out of my lips, ran down the sides of my face,
into my ears, coated his balls bouncing on my chin,
wetted his soft pubic hairs tickling my nose, lips,
chin. He leaned further over me and started humping
into my mouth in time with my movements. I grasped his
taut butt cheeks in my hands, felt them flexing as he
fucked my mouth, I sucked his cock.

His cock stiffened, flexed in my mouth, swelled
thicker, throbbed. Just as I thought I was going to get
his delicious cum, he rolled off of me. He sat up,
reached to the nightstand, got a rubber, unwrapped it,
rolled it over his prong. He lubed the rubber, my
cleft, pushed lube up into me with a finger, then two
opening my anus. He got between my legs as I opened
them for him and lifted them giving him full access to
my puckered hole.

He guided his knob to my wanting asshole and pushed
right into me. He grasped my cock in his hand, stroked
it. While sucking his cock I had gotten hard and was
drooling precum again. He laid on me, locked his lips
to mine, slid his tongue into my open mouth, raised his
hips, pushed, raised, pushed. Kissing passionately we
fucked. He rode his cock back and forth in me; I humped
up to meet each stroke of his short thick cock fucking
my ass.

I wrapped an arm around his back, held his flexing butt
cheek with my other hand. He stroked my slimy cock
between us, held me by a shoulder with his other hand.
His chest flat on mine, belly to belly he worked his
hips up and down stroking his cock all the way in as
far as it would go, back until only the head was in me,
in, back, in, back, steady he fucked me. I've been
fucked with bigger cocks before, longer, never any
thicker than his, but never so good with so much body
contact and kissing.

We were moaning into each other's mouths, mumbling,
grunting. Humping together. I started shooting a load
of cum between us, onto my belly, sliming his belly. My
channel gripped and released his cock pummeling back
and forth in me. He reared up breaking our kiss. He
went down to kiss, lick, suck my nipples. He brought
his cum slimed hand to my mouth. I kissed, licked his
fingers, palm, slurping off my own cum. He fucked me

He slammed hard into me. His cock flexed, jerked. His
first shot of cum filled the condom, another. He pulled
back, slammed into me again. More cum pumped into the
rubber. More, more, more. He slowed, fucking me slowly.
Then he stopped, buried to the hilt in me. He collapsed
onto my chest his chin on my shoulder. I wrapped my
arms around his. We laid there with his cock in me,
gasping for air, struggling for our breathing to return
to normal, or heart beats to slow. Slimed with sweat,
my cum on our bellies, his in my mouth we rested

Another Surprise:

We were kissing again, feeling each other when we heard
a horn beep. "Oh," he said, "that's my brother."

"Your brother?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, "the guy I was with. We do this so I
can get sucked, suck and fuck other guys. Mind if I
call him up to the room?"

"No, that's okay, I guess," figuring his brother would
take him home and I could get some much needed rest. We
had been fucking for over two hours.

My new fuck buddy eased his cock out of me. He went to
the wash basin, peeled off the condom, dropped it in a
waste basket. He washed his cock, balls, upper legs,
stomach with a wash cloth, then rinsed his face. Still
naked except for the bra, he got a cell phone out of
his jeans pocket. He called his brother and gave him my
room number.

I got up, went to the basin, washed, rinsed my face and
wrapped a towel around my lower body. I expected to see
my fuck buddy getting dressed, but he was sitting on
the bed, his legs crossed hiding his cock and balls.
That way he looked again like a cute, pigtailed

He batted his eyes at me. "Mind if my brother comes in
and fucks me?" he asked. "I only let him fuck me,
nobody else."

Tired as I was I figured I owed my fuck buddy a favor.
After all he had taught me a wonderful new way to suck
and be sucked. He had fucked me gloriously. "Okay," I
agreed. He smiled happily at me, and said, "Thank you.
We'll be as quick as we can. I think you'll enjoy
watching us too."

A soft knocking on the door let us know his brother was
outside wanting in. I was ready in case this was the
moment of truth, the set up for the robbery or
whatever. I had my protection ready and was prepared to
take both of them down if necessary.

My new fuck buddy opened the door, his cock hard again.
His brother came in, did a double take and said, "What
the fuck? Why aren't you dressed, ready to go."

Laughing that laugh I loved in the dining room, my fuck
buddy said, "I am undressed, ready to go." He stepped
forward, hugged his brother. "This sweet man said you
can fuck me here. Please. I want you. I need to be

His brother embraced him. They kissed. He started
helping his brother undress. Sat him on the bed near
the door, pulled off his brother's boots, socks,
kissed, licked his sweaty feet. His brother took off
his shirt, stood and took off his jeans. Commando, his
cock, long, thick, hard stuck out, 8-9" over a big sack
of balls, hairy crotch, sack all revealed. Taller and
muscular like the "cowgirl," he was all cowboy.

They laid on the bed, snuggled together, hands going to
each other's cocks and balls, mouths kissing. Free
hands roaming. The brother took off the "cowgirl's"
bra, kissed, licked and sucked on his nipples. Kept
working his brother's beautiful nips while they stroked
each other's cocks, fondled balls, felt one another all

Obviously well practiced at what they were doing, big
brother rolled his cowgirl brother onto her stomach,
face down on the bed. Moving like dancers, butt came
up, head down, legs widespread, kisses rained on the
butt, licks, some hot wet rimming. Then bro mounted the
"cowgirl" and slid his cock right into his brother's
asshole. They started moving together in the practiced
way of frequent fuckers.

I laid on the other bed watching until the cowgirl's
stubby, fat cock stiffened and started drooling precum
onto the bedspread. I couldn't it any longer. I moved
to the bouncing bed, got under the "cowgirl's" muscular
belly, and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him,
licked his balls, his brother's balls, the junction of
his brother's cock sliding back and forth in his hole.
Then I took the cowgirl's cock in my mouth and let
their movements fuck the pudge stick past my lips, over
my tongue. I sucked on the out-strokes and relaxed the
pressure of my mouth a bit on the in-strokes.

Soon the "cowgirl" filled my mouth with his creamy load
of cum. His brother responded to the clenching and
relaxing of the "cowgirl's" anal sleeve on his
pistoning cock. He short-stroked deep in his brother's
hole as he came up the "cowgirl's" hot ass. When the
brother pulled out, the "cowgirl" and I cleaned the
cum-slimed cock and wet ball sack. The "cowgirl" kissed
me on the mouth and thanked me for being so nice to

They washed off in the bath room, got dressed and left
as I lounged on the bed. After they left I secured the
chain and deadbolt on the motel room door, brushed my
teeth, rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and collapsed in
the bed to sleep.